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“Best school for Nursery admission”

This is something which every parent dreams of –“Best school for Nursery admission”. Getting an apple of your eye; your little child who used to play inside the house, sit in your lap, enjoy the warmth of your hugs is now to be sent to a regular school.
I met a parent in Select city Walk on 31st night, Mrs. Geeta Parashar, a young parent. She has a three and a half years young son. We all had gathered to celebrate the Year end and welcome the New Year. But Mrs. Parashar seemed to be present there half heartedly. On enquiry, she replied that she was worried for her son’s admission. She had filled the forms in 18 schools till now. 7th is the last date for filling application form and the next morning, she had to go to 5 more schools.
“But Mrs. Parashar, your son is just three years , why are so much worried?”
“Ma’am, it’s very difficult to get admission and we as parents want to get rid of the tension of admitting our child again after a few years.”
I wonder at times when they say he is my “little” child but when it comes to Nursery admission , they become unreasonable.
She further added, “Though I want the best school for my child but I have to apply in atleast 25 schools.” “Applying in 25 schools simply conveys that in your hearts of hearts you know anything will do. Otherwise why would someone apply in 15-20 schools.
“Best school for Nursery admission is my dream. I want my child to study in a school which is till XIIth grade. Ek baar mein chutti ho jayegi” , she had a spark in her eyes while mentioning that.
What does a big school mean to you?
A big brand name, building with 5 star infrastructure, good fee structure, lots of gadgets installed, highly paid teachers, a number of sport equipments isn’t it?
What does your child take home after passing the school? Is this question important? Have you ever thought what do these gadgets give your child in return? How do these highly paid teachers contribute in your child’s life? According to me, there should not be any need for tuitions, there must not be any failures if the teachers are highly qualified, experienced and above all highly paid by you for your child.
Food for thought: Only Indian till date to have received Nobel Prize for Literature is Thakur Rabindra Nath Tagore and I am sure you know about his schooling. Did he go to the kind of best school you want your child to go to? Let me reframe the question, ‘Did any student passing out from these five star schools receive any Nobel Prize?’
My suggestion: Help your child tread the “Pathway to wisdom” not knowledge. Don’t push them into education factory. Your child will give you in return what & where you invest for your child today.
Written by
Manisha Upadhyay
CEO, Brain Discovery Global Schools


  • Yashoda

    So true ma’am, the electronic gadgets are very harmful not just for the kids for the adults too. I strongly believe that we should use the cellular phones only when it is required or is necessary.

  • Binita

    Oh my God…I hope that little girl is all right, maam, I started to imagine while reading your post…
    It is undoubtedly wrong to give mobile or any such gadget to kids ,that too at so young age.. many times we parents (me too sometimes) handover it to them so they sit quietly for some time.. it because we have been letting them watch it while feeding when there were very very young, children eat food unknowing when that are glued to tv or mobile, of course we do this for our convenience,kids are neither getting proper nutrition nor they are enjoying the food..they just fill their stomach. When they grow up, this becomes a habit and they refuse to listen and it becomes very late to stop them. So we should try to minimize such habit as much and as soon as possible..but not forcefully but gently.

  • Monika Tandon

    If you won’t leave your child alone at a mall or market without checking who they are talking to, playing, and interacting with, why would you give them your phone where you don’t know whom they are interacting with?
    When you give children a phone, you make it easier for them to choose “online” relationships instead face-to-face, real-time ones.
    Many studies have proved that the students Who went few days without exposure to technology were significantly better at reading human emotions than kids who had regular access to phones, televisions and computers.

  • S. B. Rao

    An eye opener for every individual and more so for parents as it comes from an expert i.e. a educationist. Nothing in this world is safe if it has no limit & electroni gadgets r playing a real havoc to the normal growth of our young generation.
    Madam Manisha ji since this is important for everyone to understand I request if u could take little more pain & write in hindi too.
    Thanks for sharing ur experience.

  • Pallavi

    Truly said mam. Mobiles are harmful for not only kids but adults too. We should use it cautiously. Thanks for this eye opener article.

  • Raj Shaurya

    First of all I must say, fantastic observation and your writing skills makes it more fantastic and blog ready. What you have raised through this blog is a critical issue for our next and generations to come. It’s the same as what we reap is what you sow. Technology is good if it is used in a controlled way but as the saying, too much of everything is bad; same applies to stale and exploited use of technology. We as a parent, need to stick with basics and nurture and educate our child in a way so that they can understand the good and bad use of it. And to start this, not to give our free time rather free our time and give it to our children. thank-you Manisha Ma’am for sharing tons of information in short and crisp way.

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