Why should you not give mobiles to your child?

October 20, 2019

Do you know what is right for your child?  If the answer to this question is in affirmative, is it based on some logic, or your own convenience or your past experience?  Think because sometimes you also must activate your neurons. On my way to Dehradun last time, an incident compelled me to think. I along with my teenage son boarded the train from Delhi Station at 6:20 in the morning. Read more Why should you not give mobiles to your child?

After approximately fifteen minutes, a young couple boarded the train along with a three years young girl and occupied the seat adjacent. After almost two and a half hours, my tolerance was full to the brim. The little girl had compelled every passenger in the compartment to listen to the dialogues of ‘Shin-Chan’; a cartoon character through the mobile that was handed over to her by the fat-bellied man. Most annoying amidst all this was the cacophony of his wild snores and the person most unaffected was the lady sitting next to him.

She was so engrossed in chatting with someone perhaps very special that she was unmindful of the discomfort of the fellow passengers. ‘How could someone for his own comfort become so callous?’. I thought. There are institutions for matchmaking, people to help you expand families but almost negligible information or institutions available to teach the right kind of parenting. The couple certainly can’t be the girl’s parents, ‘ I thought to myself’. The educationist within induced me to raise my voice against this insensitive behavior. ‘I think you have mistaken this place to be a park.’ I said annoyingly.

And the fellow passengers nodded their heads in agreement as if they had woken up from a deep sleep. ‘How are you related to this little girl?’ I asked. ‘She is our daughter madam’, replied the lady. ‘Why, what happened, any problem madam?’ inquired the lady as if she was completely ignorant of the unpleasantness of the fellow passengers. ‘Do you realize Mrs. X that for the past two and a half hours your daughter is glued to mobile?  The discomfort caused to the fellow passengers through noise pollution is secondary but the harmful electromagnetic rays emitted by the mobile will weaken the growth of bone marrow of your child.

Also, she has been munching while watching videos on the mobile. Do you know madam watching mobile while eating causes CANCER and sometimes may attack your child’s heart as well? Even Bill Gates does not permit children under twelve years of his employees in Microsoft to use any kind of gadgets.’ ‘Madam, she does not listen to us. She has been operating mobiles even when she was two years, better than us. We have only allowed her to watch some really informative videos.’ countered the young mother. don’t give your child a smartphone Hardly had I completed my Gyan session, a loud blast fragmented the mobile into small pieces of glass and perhaps the pieces of glass pierced the little girl’s right eye, blood started flowing out profusely.

There was blood on her dress, her face and on the seat. Everyone started condemning the parents, questioning their parenting but my teenage son took out the ointment and offered it to the little girl’s mother. The atmosphere was panic-stricken. I wish and pray it to be just an injury and not ……. Conclusion I think from the above blog you must get answers to all the questions, Why kids should not have cell phones? Why kids shouldn’t use phones? Why not give your child a phone? Should children use mobile phones? Food for thought: Do we handover gadgets to our children for our own comfort, or our ignorance regarding its harmful effects or surrender before our child’s dominance or any other lame excuse but the result certainly is not rewarding to any. If the child undergoes suffering it wets your eyes and vice versa. So, don’t give mobile phones to your kids.

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