Standard Operating Procedures for Schools after Lockdown

June 13, 2020

SOPs for Schools in India after Lockdown

A number of questions, concerns and worries have enveloped the mind, such as What will be the Standard Operating Procedures for Schools in India after the Lockdown period?

Students, Parents, Schools as well as Government are in a fix regarding schools. While we agree and completely understand the concern and worries of the parents regarding their child, we also do not take children as tools for the experiment. At the same time, we must understand that there is no cure, no vaccine yet developed for this virus. The only treatment available is Precaution.

We must remain hopeful, work on developing our immunity through Yoga, balanced diet and maintaining hygiene. Not coming in contact with the infected patient is the only cure.

Download the Aarogya Setu app and Ayush Mantralay guidelines for accurate guidelines. Whether to send your child to school or not will be entirely the parent’s discretion.

Schools across India are closed since March 2020. Around 113 million students who are confined to their homes are anxiously waiting for the schools to open. Children by nature have an inquisitive mind to explore, find out new things and by getting locked at home for such a long period of time is worrying everyone.

Parents too are equally worried about their child’s changing behaviour but also concerned about the risk involved in sending children back to school.

On the other hand, it’s a big challenge for the Government to decide regarding opening the schools again with a full proof plan. HRD Minister Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank mentioned that the schools could open after 15th August. This is just speculation not decision. The decision is still to be taken after analyzing the situation at that time.

Schools certainly will not be opened abruptly. It will require a lot of planning this time since it’s not a normal phase. The entire world is under Health Emergency due to Corona Virus. The fear is more due to unavailability of Vaccine, medicine and treatment.

So, what are the SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures for the Schools that are going to be followed by Private as well as Government Schools to ensure health and safety of the students once the schools reopen leaving no scope for error at any level?

Standard Operating Procedures for Schools in India after Lockdown:

Brain Discovery Global School at Chidderwala in Dehradun district, Uttarakhand has chalked out a full proof plan to be executed whenever COVID-19 epidemic subsides.

  1. Thorough Sanitization which is one of the most essential precautions against this pandemic

  • Campus Sanitization
  • Classrooms Sanitization
  • Furniture Sanitization
  • Washrooms Sanitization
  • High touch areas especially railings, stair walls to be disinfected regularly
  • Frequency of Sanitization
  • Sanitization at least 2-3 times a day
  1. What are the rules for Buses /School transport going to be?

  • Frequency of Sanitization  of School transport
  • Before going on the route
  • After deboarding
  • Drivers, Conductors, Nannies must wear masks and gloves
  • Thermal testing of students to be conducted before boarding the bus.
  • What is the security at the school gate?

3. Thermal testing of all students irrespective of School/ Own transport users to avoid any confusion.

Wet Sanitizer pads to sanitize shoes at the school gate.

(Note: sanitizer tunnels or spraying sanitizer on students will be harmful as it contains chemicals)

Every student covers his face with masks to avoid getting infected.

  1. How to ensure social distancing in the school premises/ campus?

  •  Earmarking on the pathway & Corridor for students to maintain a safe distance.
  • Teachers/ Monitors on duty at every turn points/ stairs to avoid gathering.
  1. How to ensure social distancing in the Classrooms?

(According to CBSE guidelines, the maximum strength of a class must not exceed 30)

  • Only 15 students to be called at a time
  • One student to be seated per bench/ seat
  • Furniture to be placed at a safe distance
  • Students may be called in two shifts or alternate days
  • (Either on the basis of school transport or on the basis of the roll. number)
  • Schools having more than 30 students in a class may conduct two shifts for the safety of the children.
  1. What is the plan for School schedule? Will it be changed or revised?

School Starting Time could be

around  -8:00 /8:30 am

(so that children have proper breakfast and then come to school since children do not like to eat very early in the morning and empty stomach as per WHO guidelines are unsafe)

  • Assemblies will be cancelled till the situation normalizes.
  • All activities such as Sports/ Dance classes / extra activities which might defeat the objective of social distancing will remain postponed.
  • Time table consisting of Only 5 main subjects will be followed so that studies are not affected.
  • Duration of periods not exceeding 30 minutes each.
  1. What will be the duration of the school?

  • Maximum of 3 hours will be the school duration.
  • There will be No lunch break ( to avoid infection) through sharing of food by students.
  • Children will carry their water bottles along.
  • Children will carry sanitizer bottle in pockets.
  • (School can provide but that will be a time-consuming activity. A lot of time each day will get wasted in distribution and sanitization activity.)
  • 10 minutes will be allotted to HR period ( Home Room)
  • The purpose of HR period is to give motivational/ Positive thought. To infuse positivity among children. Since children are going through a very tough time. No sports, no hobby classes, no social gatherings etc. Also, talks on developing their Immunity are an important aspect of this fight against Virus. )
  • After every period, the next teacher in the class makes all students stand and with the command of 1,2,3 students take out their bottle and sanitize their hands. This will develop a habit.
  • Last period to be compulsorily Class teacher’s period so ensure smooth dispersal and responsible behaviour during this Health Emergency.
  1. How are the students going to board the buses during dispersal?

  • Teachers or monitors to be on duty for Supervision at different checkpoints e.g.(Stairs, turn points, boarding buses)
  • Since Dispersal might take a little longer time
  • One class to be moving out of the class at a time to ensure social distancing.
  • Social distancing to be maintained


These SOPs will be very beneficial for our schools, students, teachers and other staffs in the school premises. In such a global pandemics we all(parents, teachers, students, our Government, community) need to unite and fight with it. I hope this Blog will help schools, parents, students and higher government officials.

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  • Reema
    September 12, 2020 at 6:42 pm

    I have found this article very informative. Glad that school is focusing on SOP school more nowadays. Thanks for sharing these insights.


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