Play School Franchise Business Opportunity

February 10, 2020

Are you looking to Start a Play School Franchise?

Are you looking for a Play School Franchise business that will give you maximum returns?
Are you looking for a recession-free Franchise Opportunity?

What is the preschool franchise cost in India?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then, yes you are in right place.
Playschool Franchise Business opportunity is one of the best business opportunity for you to start with. You might be aware of the fact that the education business never goes in recession whatever may be the conditions of the economy of the country. For opening a preschool in your town/city you just need a space with an Investment ranges from 10 to 12 Lakhs.

Opening a playschool is very simple as everything from identifying a property to infrastructure setup from ground level, marketing (Offline Marketing & Online Marketing), student’s admissions, staff recruitment, staff training, playschool equipment, etc. is provided by a franchiser. Most of the playschool franchises are providing everything.

Now a question comes in mind, How do you Choose a pre-school franchise?

Here are the factors which play an important role while buying a kids school franchise:

• Franchise Costing
• Admission help from franchiser End
• ROI Plan of the school Franchise
• Branding & Marketing Support
• Royalty Fees/Plans
• Monthly and yearly Returns
• Number of Franchises opened
• The curriculum of the Playschool
• Academic Support

If you find the answer to all of the above-mentioned queries then, I would recommend selecting a play school franchise that gives 360-degree support. Brain Discovery Global School offers the most lucrative school franchise opportunity with 360 degrees support.

Why you should choose Brain Discovery Global School:

• 60 Admissions Guarantee
• 100% Academic Support
• No Royalty Till Break-Even Point
• Start your own pre-school within 15 Days
• Online & Offline marketing
• 100% Return on Investment
• Buy-back Guarantee
• Good Profit Margin
• Complete Bag-less School
• Advanced Curriculum
• Innovative Teaching Methods
• Infrastructure Set-Up
• Training & Recruitment

 The benefits of our preschool franchise :

1. 60 students’ Admissions Guarantee:

Brain Discovery Global School offers a franchise opportunity with 60 students Admissions Guarantee within a period of 12 months/one year. We give full assistance in giving admissions to a particular playschool franchise. We not only run digital marketing campaigns across all channels ranges from Facebook ads to Google ads campaigns but also perform local marketing such as banner ads, hoarding ads, pamphlets marketing, canopy activities.

2. 100% Academic Support:

Our academic support includes setting up the syllabus for play school by providing advanced curriculum and innovative methods of teaching, training of teachers, most creative teaching pedagogy, brain enhancement activities. Brain Discovery Global School is one of the most innovative play school in Delhi which work on identifying & enhancing the dominance intelligence. We have made some of the activities for brain enhancement and we provide such activities details to the school franchise teachers.

3. No Royalty Till Break-Even Point:

Not all preschools franchise is offering such a lucrative offer, wherein you don’t have to pay any royalty till you achieve break-even point. Brain Discovery Global School gives full support (admission support, franchise support) to the new playschool franchise for the purpose of making it more profitable so that it achieves its Break-Even point. When the break-even point is achieved then Brain Discovery charges only 20% for each student from the franchise. So, it will reduce the burden of a new franchisee by allowing them not to pay the royalty charges from the first admission itself.

4. Start your own preschool franchise within 15 Days:

Brain Discovery Global School has made its own methods of opening a new playschool franchise in a city with its step by steps methods. After the signing of the Franchise contract, firstly we finalize the property with the help of our real state team in the particular area. After finalizing the space for play school our designing team starts working on its exterior designing as well as interior designing. We have made the whole system in such a way that a complete school setup will take only 15 days, and you can launch your own play school within 15 days only.

5. Online & Offline marketing:

Brain Discovery School will not only assist you in setting setting-up a school but we also assist you in online and offline marketing for the purpose of increasing brand awareness, creating more inquiries for admission in Toddler Class, Pre-nursery class, Nursery Class, Kindergarten Classes and for daycare session also.

Online Marketing includes Full Digital such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing. Google map optimization etc.
Our offline campaigns include local branding, pamphlet distribution, brand hoardings, canopy activity, leaflets, and events.

6. 100% Return on Investment:

The most lucrative play school franchise opportunity provides a 100% ROI from the first year itself. This means that if you are investing 12 Lakhs in our playschool franchise for the first year than you will get its full returns after a year plus other benefits from Day Care program as well as other courses. According to an estimate you will earn up to 35 Lakhs from our different courses such as English Speaking course, Brain Enhancement Courses, Yoga Classes, Taekwondo, Abacus Classes, Music Classes, and other classes.

7. Buy-back Guarantee:

We are also providing a Buy-back guarantee to the new franchise, which means that if you don’t want to run the school due to some reasons, then we will buy it back from you by deducting 2 lakhs from the franchise amount. But as of now, this has not happened, its just because of our most lucrative playschool franchise business opportunity. We are providing this option for our new franchise owners for their convenience. This Buy Back Guarantee gives you the assurance that your hard-earned money will not be lost in any case.

8. Good Profit Margin:

The margin of profits is much higher when you compare it with other franchises. Brain Discovery Global School provides pre-school franchise opportunity that provides 100% Return on Investment in which there is No Royalty Till Break-Even point. You can earn up to 35 lakhs from the Ist year itself by adding extra after school programs such as English Speaking Course, Music Classes, Yoga Classes, Brain Enhancement Classes, Yoga Classes, Taekwondo classes. And you don’t have to pay any royalty charges for those extra classes after the school program.

9. Complete Bagless System:

Brain Discovery is one of the most Innovative pre-school without a bag system that uses creative teaching pedagogy for the purpose of identifying and then enhancing the dominant intelligence of Kids.
As you must have seen that there are many schools that made it mandatory for students to bring a whole set of books and copies every day, which is not good for the health of students as they are putting extra burden on their shoulders. For the purpose of reducing the burden of books/copies from the shoulder of children, we have created a bag-less system with an advanced curriculum of teaching.

10. Advanced Curriculum:

We have created an advanced curriculum for the students and their brain enhancement activities. Our Advanced Curriculum includes Circle Time Activity (Gross motor skills development, improve concentration strengthening muscles, hand-eye coordination, memory retention), Assembly activity( Physical Activities: yoga, aerobics, drill, rhymes, national anthem), Literacy Development( Recognition, Vocabulary building, phonetic drill, conversation activity), other daily activity includes Concept Building, Drawing & Painting, creative play activities. Our advanced curriculum is made in such a way to make the child more creative and innovative.

11. Innovative Teaching Method:

Brain Discovery Global School performs innovative methods of teaching with the help of its advanced curriculum as discussed above. Innovative teaching methods are created for the purpose of making kids more innovative & enhance their creativity. “We create thinkers, not robots”. Teachers of Brain Discovery are trained by Ex. DPS principals. Most of the classes of the playschool are smart classes which makes it easier for the kids to learn and enhance their creative skills.

12. Infrastructure Set-Up:

Brain Discovery set-ups full infrastructure of the school with the help of our expert interior designing & exterior designing team. Everything from designing to flooring, office designing and decoration, class-room set-up to full school set-up is done by our expert team members as per your choice and preferences. It will take only 15 days for our team to set up the full playschool.

13. Training & Recruitment:

We give full support from hiring the teachers, guards, maids to their training, for the purpose of enhancing their skill set. So that you do not need to worry about the recruitment of employees in your kindergarten franchise.

Our highly qualified teachers train the new franchise teachers in our corporate office located in South Delhi. We also train and recruit admission counselors for the new nursery school franchise in our corporate.

Now let me brief you about our Preschool Franchise Business Model:

Total Investment Required: 12-15 Lacs

Area Required: 1800 Square Feet or More
Number of Admission Guaranteed: 60 Student’s in 1 year
Royalty Fees: No Royalty Till Break-Even Point
Buyback Guarantee: Yes
Online Marketing Support: Yes
Offline Marketing Support: Yes
School Property Search: By Brain Discovery Global School
Infrastructure Setup: By Brain Discovery Global School
School Recognition: Approved by NCT
Academic Support: By School
Training & Recruitment: By School
School System: Complete Bag-less School
Play School Setup Duration: Start your own preschool within 15 days
The School Run By: Ex DPS Principals & Doctors
Returns on Investment: 100% ROI
Teaching Methods: Most Innovative Teaching Pedagogy
Support System: 360 Degree Support


If you are an Entrepreneur then starting a pre-school franchise would be a good option for you.
For finalizing the education franchise you just need to visit the main school and their other franchise schools, their academic curriculum, study pattern, their infrastructure, and their USP (How are they different from others?). If you want to go with big brands then, in that case, you have to pay them a huge amount for starting a play school Franchise, also they will not give you full admission assistance nor they will assist you in local branding. So, if you actually want to start a Playschool in your city then go with the franchise which will be giving you full marketing support, admission support, academic support, training & recruitment support, infrastructure setup support, marketing support, their Royalty fees, etc.

Brain Discovery Global School is amongst the top 10 preschool franchise in India. So, you can start getting kids school franchise benefits with our most profitable & zero risk school franchise business opportunity. Brain Discovery Global School is the best play school in south Delhi. The school not only offers the most lucrative pre school franchise but it also offers K12 School Franchise at low investment. Do not go for cheapest nursery school Franchise in India, but go for a playschool franchise that gives you 360-degree support along with admission assurance. We have our play-school franchise in Ghaziabad Vasundhara, school franchise in Sushant Lok Gurugram, Play school franchise in Noida, Preschool in Jolly Grant Dehradun, Preschool and daycare franchise in Gurugram Dlf phase, Playschool and daycare franchise in Kirti Nagar New Delhi, Brain Discovery Sr. Secondary CBSE school in Uttarakhand. It’s easy to find Preschool franchise benefits and it is difficult to find its disadvantages, as it is a most profitable franchise business opportunity which gives maximum returns on Investment. If you want to start a Pre School Franchise in your city then feel free to contact us. BDGS also offers CBSE School Franchise business opportunities in India.

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    I want to start a play school in our area .pls give all information.

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