Our Inspiration


SWAMI AVDHESHANAND GIRI MAHARAJ is a blessed name among truth-seekers synonymous with spiritual heights. His Holiness Swamiji spent most of his early years in the Himalayas as a hermit. Swamiji has attracted a large number of intellectuals, teachers and social workers and has motivated them to work for the promotion of human rights, moral values, social harmony, and social discipline. He has been appointed as ACHARYA MAHAMANDLESHWAR i.e. the leader of all the saints of Sri Panchdasham Juna Akhada.

Swamiji has been instrumental in establishing hospitals, schools, and centers for the physically disabled. Swamiji aims at creating men of wisdom, science, art, and religion. He believes – a realized wise human being only can form a beautiful heavenly world. Swamiji is a member of the World Council of Religious Leaders.

Our motto– “The Pathway to Wisdom” has been coined by reverend Guruji and Brain Discovery Global School is an inspiration by param pujya gurudev.


Jagdish Chandra Pant

Founder Principal, DPS Bulandshahr

He has been rendering his valuable services to the education sector for the last 40 years and has held many administrative roles. In the same tenure, he has been involved in building schools from the ground-up to the prestigious establishments they now are. This expanse of work has enabled him to understand the dynamics of educational institutes inside out. He has profound experience in designing and managing the workflows in such organizations.

Sunil Bist

Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

He is a strong entrepreneur, a post-graduate from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He has served many multinational companies of high repute in relevant positions such as IBM Australia. He believes that everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated and passionate about what to do.

Manisha Upadhyay

CEO, Brain Discovery Global School

Mrs. Manisha Upadhyay has been in the field of education for 24 years. She has headed schools like Birla Vidya Niketan, New Delhi, and has been the Principal of schools like Delhi Public School and GD Goenka. She is a prolific writer and is currently writing books for youngsters. She is a blogger, an environmentalist, and a motivational speaker. She has also scripted a number of Plays, Poems, and articles in English as well as Hindi. She is invited by TV channels to guide and counsel students from different schools on various social issues. She has elevated the lives of a number of students and unearthed the reservoirs of talent and potential that slumbers within. She conducts workshops for school teachers and principals, students as well as their parents. In a career span of 20 Years in the field of Administration and Teaching, she has successfully executed a wide spectrum of activities as a Team Leader and Team Member.