FAQ for Preschool Admissions

December 10, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) for Pre- School Admission:


  1. Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?

Ans – No, there is no entrance test for admission in Pre-Nursery.


  1. What is the teacher-student ratio in the school?

Ans – 1:10 is the student –adult ratio.


  1. What is the Admission Process/Criteria in the School?

Ans – Preschool admission form is available at the stipulated period of the year for Nursery and KG classes. For Pre-Nursery and Toddlers, the admission remains open.


  1. What are the steps to be followed for admission?

Ans – Step 1: Filling admission forms with complete details.

Step 2: Submitting all required documents viz; Duly filled Admission form, address proof of residence, date of birth photocopy, 2 passport size photographs, Immunization card photocopy

Step 3: Payment through Cheque/ online


  1. How is Brain Discovery different from other Pre-Schools?

Ans – Brain Discovery as the name suggests aims at developing the brain of the children. It is a complete bag less system of learning.  All study material required for executing the Curriculum is provided by the school. We provide worksheets, notebooks, stationery, project material, etc from the school.

The major focus according to the child’s age is on language development, courtesy lessons, etiquettes, inculcating eating habits, toilet training, Fine and Gross motor development.

Hand-eye coordination, strengthening hand muscles, developing concentration and logic.


  1. How do the parents know what is being taught?

Ans – The school shares a Newsletter with the parents at the weekend. Also, the written work done by the children is sent home on Friday which is the weekend.


  1. Is the school working from Monday to Saturday?

Ans – No, the school is working from Monday to Friday. 5 days a week.


  1. Does the school provide transport? If Yes, then what are the Charges?

Ans – Yes, the school has a transport facility. Parents are free to choose a pick and drop or either of the two. Charges are very reasonable, from 500 to 1200 depending on the distance.


  1. Does the school provide meals too?

Ans – Yes, the school provides meals. The purpose of serving food is to inculcate eating habits among children.


  1. What are the charges for meals and uniform costs as well?

Ans – Meal is a part of the Curriculum. Therefore, the school does not charge any extra amount for the food served. Also, one set uniform is provided by the school as part of the annual fee.


  1. What is the age criterion for admissions?

Ans – Admissions are open for 18 months old to 5 years child.


  1. How will I pay the registration fees?

Ans – The fee may be paid by cheque or NEFT into the school account. A screenshot of the same may be shared for reference.


  1. Is the registration fee refundable?

Ans – The school does not charge any registration fee.


  1. Does the school offer afterschool activities?

Ans – Yes, the school offers a wide range of activities such as Leadership classes, English classes, Individual Subject classes, Taekwondo classes, etc.


  1. What is the Curriculum of the School?

Ans – The school follows a scientifically developed curriculum that enables the growth of the brain. 90% of brain growth happens before the children complete Kindergarten. Therefore, the curriculum focuses on reaching the full potential of the child’s brain through everyday activities. Activities conducted on day to day basis aim at activating the right as well as left-brain growth.


  1. Does the school organize outdoor trips for children?

Ans – Exposure to Outdoor environment is a part of the curriculum. Therefore, the school organizes at least two outdoor trips to places with different learning objectives. Namely; Qutub Minar, Zoo, Rail Museum, Mughal garden, Nehru planetarium, picnic in ahinsha sthal or DDA parks.


17. Does the school allow to take a round of the school?

Ans – Yes.

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