Open a CBSE School Franchise in your City

April 24, 2020

Are you looking to start a CBSE School Franchise in your City?

Are you looking for the best school franchise opportunities in India?

Do you want to start a private school Franchise?

If you want to know, How to start a CBSE School in India?

Yes, you are reading it right opening a CBSE/K-12 School is the most profitable and recession-free business opportunity in India. Business in the Education sector never goes in recession irrespective of the economic conditions of the Country. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a National level board education for private and government schools managed by the Union Government of India. The board provides CBSE Curriculum to the schools for the purpose of maintaining uniformity among all its students across India and providing a  centralized education system. Due to the child-centric Curriculum of CBSE, most of the parents want to enroll their children in CBSE School. Brain Discovery Global School is the most innovative school in India offers the most Lucrative CBSE School Franchise in your city.

A glance of CBSE School Franchise :

Senior Secondary School with Classes: 1st to 12th Class

Area Required:2-3 Acres Land

Investment Required: 2-3 Crores

Return on Investment (ROI):100% ROI

Board: CBSE Board

School Headquarter: New Delhi, IGNOU

Affiliations: CBSE Affiliation

Royalty System: No Royalty Till Break-Even Point

Admission Assurance:500 Students Admission Assurance

Recruitment Support: Junior to Senior Level

Training & Recruitment: Provided to the Teachers and Staff

The curriculum followed: CBSE Curriculum

Infrastructure Set-up: Full Set-up

Marketing Support: Online & Offline Marketing Support

Environment: Safe and Secure Environment

Teaching Methods: Innovative and Child-centric

Teachers to Student Ratio: 1:20 (With one Support Staff)

Benefits of Franchise:360-Degree Support & 500 Admissions Guarantee

Locations available for Franchise: New Delhi, Maharashtra, U.P, M.P, H.P, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Telangana, Wes Bengal & other states of India

CBSE School is Run By: Ex. DPS Principals & Doctors

School Franchise Support: 360 Degree Support

dps school franchise

Benefits of starting a CBSE School Franchise:

1. 360-Degree Support:

Brain Discovery monitors, guides, and directs the educational program, staff recruitment, training, and development, as well as all academic and non-academic procedures of the Brain Discovery, is committed to working for excellence in education. BDGS also provides online and offline support to the franchise, for the purpose of increasing the brand awareness of the school as well as increasing the number of admissions in the school. 360-degree support includes identifying and approving the property for K-12 school Franchise, infrastructure set-up, marketing support, branding support, etc. When we talk about online marketing then in this we are providing full Digital Marketing support.

2. Teachers and Staff Training:

The School organizes professional development workshops for teachers, Heads of institutions and non-academic Brain Discovery ensures that the staff shares the school’s vision and philosophy of education,  imbibes

the best practices in pedagogy and values through regular workshops. Teacher and staff training is an important aspect of a school. Trained teachers of a school provide more values to the students. Effective teacher learning and professional development are important for student achievement. A good teaching method in a school creates a positive learning environment in a school and then increases word of mouth of the school teaching method and later it increases the number of admissions.

3. CBSE School Audit & Management:

The best schools are those that plan their changes, so they progress with a structured development Brain Discovery provides a school audit of systems and practices, to enable school management, owners and Management Committees to get a clear picture of the strengths and areas for improvement. The audit is shaped by an individual school’s own philosophy and objectives. This audit takes place after the end of every month to ensure the goals of the months are defined, and it is in the right direction.

4. Open your Dream School:

Anyone can put together a school – all it takes is bricks, mortar, teachers and At Brain Discovery, we don’t do that. If you have a piece of land or the resources to set up a school, Brain Discovery helps you to create your dream school. If you have already planned the design of your K12 school, location of the school, and other things then we will assist you in opening your dream school in your city. After the approval of the High School franchise project, Our interior and exterior designing team will coordinate with you and starts working accordingly.

5. Admission Guarantee:

Brain Discovery Global School provides 500 students admission guarantee within a period of 3 years with 100% Academic Support. It is very difficult for a school to survive without admissions. BDGS follows its approved standard methods for giving admission to the franchise. We focus on digital marketing(Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Search, and Display ads, Email Marketing, etc) along with offline promotion on the basis of the locality. If you look for other School franchises, then you must observe one thing is common amongst them is that none of the schools’ franchisers is providing Admission Guarantee to the Franchise. The admission guarantee assures that you are going to get maximum returns on your investment.

6. No Royalty till Break Even:

It means that you don’t have to pay any Royalty towards any admission in the school till the break-even point is achieved. Moreover, we charge Royalty on profit only and not on Revenue. This is also the benefit that only BDGS is providing. You might be knowing the fact that every other franchiser is providing royalty from revenue. And also they take Royalty on each admission no matters you reach break-even. This offer reduces your extra burden of sharing royalty at the starting point. Moreover, we charge a lesser percentage of Royalty after that break-even point.

7. Curriculum Support:

Central Board of Secondary Education is an Independent Board in India. The Curriculum is easy to comprehend as compared to other boards. So you just need to follow that curriculum that is given to every CBSE School before the beginning of the classes. The course is made in such a way that each and every student can easily understand and implement it during the course of study.  The intellectuals have designed the CBSE Curriculum in such a way that it caters to individual learning styles and reduces student’s mental pressure. CBSE aims to promote critical, creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills. The CBSE curriculum is Internationally benchmarked because of its comprehensive patterns of learning. So, going with the Secondary School franchise will be the best idea for you.

8. Infrastructure Set-up:

We give you full assistance from the property search to the property finalization of the school. We have a team of experts who will help you in setting up complete infrastructure in very less time. Our real estate manager will assist you and also our Interior designer will assist you by setting up the full Infrastructure of the School. The School will be open as per your choice and preference and by following CBSE norms. If you have your own property, then you can also start your own CBSE School franchise. The minimum area requirements for opening a K12 School is 2-3 acres of land.


 Opening a CBSE school in your City is the most Lucrative Franchise business opportunity. Starting a business in the Education sector never goes in a recession that is why it is also known as a recession-free business opportunity to start with. No prior experience is required for opening up a CBSE school in your city, as Brain Discovery Global School comes under the top 10 high school Franchise in India that provides full training, recruitment assistance. If you are having some kind of experience in the education sector then you are having an edge.

Start your own K12 School franchise and get 100% Returns on Investment from the first year itself. As discussed above we are giving 500 students Admission Guarantee in the period of just 3 years. Most of the big brands are providing High school franchise Opportunity, like Delhi Public School Franchise which is very costly but none of them are providing students admission guarantee and 360-degree support. For the first time Brain Discovery Global School is offering a K-12 school franchise opportunity that is the best school franchise in India with guaranteed success and there is no hidden cost involved. If you want to know more about our franchise system then you can directly visit our center and get our K-12 school franchise proposal. Apart from the K12 school franchise in India, we are also offering a primary school franchise in India with 360-degree marketing support full admission Admission assurance.

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  • Pragnyajeet prusty
    January 06, 2021 at 1:03 pm

    We want for a school in our area Kendujhar,Keisha-758001

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    January 14, 2021 at 11:32 pm

    We want run a cbse school in our area. Kaliachak, Malda, W.B

  • Dinesh sharma
    February 03, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Need franchize for primary school

  • Dinesh sharma
    February 16, 2021 at 10:55 am

    Want to take primary school franchise

    • Manisha Upadhyay
      @Dinesh sharma
      March 21, 2021 at 9:01 am

      Request you to kindly share your details through our email or contact directly On 9990890038

  • Purushotham Gowda
    February 16, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    We have 5.5 acres of land in Chikmagalur in Karnataka and interested in setting up a CBSE school .. I have sone Post […] Read MoreWe have 5.5 acres of land in Chikmagalur in Karnataka and interested in setting up a CBSE school .. I have sone Post graduation . MBA with 10 years of experience in corporate sector with MNCs I can be contacted on 09343757007 Read Less


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