Best/Top school franchise model in India

April 06, 2021

Franchise is the need of the day. What do you understand by the term franchise?

Why franchise model is more successful than running a single or privately owned School?

How would you know who is the best or top franchise ?

A few parameters you must take into consideration as an investor or franchisee: What is the profile of the franchisor. It is a school franchisee, therefore must be headed or owned by a team of educationists who possess the expertise in the the education sector. “A school is an abode of enlightenment where the future of the nation is developed or built”;  therefore ,  school means not simply education but generating employment for teaching as well as skilled and non- teaching people.

While the school takes care of these two aspects,  the best franchisor must support in generating or guiding ways to uplift the franchise and eventually help it become economically self sufficient.

If cement and brick walls could make a school, anyone having potential to construct could go for setting up School. But buildings cannot generate revenue  unless it reaches it’s destined aspirants. Proper marketing and  promotional campaigns with real and clear goals to reach up to the end users can only make a franchise successful.  Franchisors with unique  and novel pedagogies and curriculum can only be successful in present era since the expectations and needs with increase the population of the nation is a must. Recruitment of efficient staff  is as much important as training them to be able to cope up with the changing dynamics and execute the objectives of the curriculum in the most effective manner.

Above all , the best franchise model or business is one that knows it’s ways to generate revenue and is able to develop itself physically  in the form of building as well as financially , while being able to meet its heavy monthly expenses in the form of salary and other miscellaneous heads. While admission is the main means to generate revenue, the methods to generate admission is an extremely tedious task and efficiency based task. Therefore; any franchisor that shoulderers the responsibility  or supports in generating admission which is the foremost reason behind any school’s success. In the absence of children in the school,  it is nothing but a concrete structure with beautiful infrastructure and ambience.

Many franchisors pay utmost attention and importance towards ambience and infrastructure but with little aur negligible focus on what goes inside a child’s brain is meaningless. Such franchisees can not sustain in the society for long. Infrastructure, without an iota of doubt provides comfort to the users and ambience helps to attract the target audience but does not earn appreciation or add any value to the nation-building or character building or carve the future without aiming to meet the Nation’s expectations.

Therefore, it’s a must to have  an organised plan to execute the objective  through the curriculum and enable each child to become the architect of its own destiny.

Discovering the dominant intelligence or unearthing  the latent potent and manifesting each individual into a unique personality should be the ultimate aim of any school franchisee. Remember :Everything that is popular or famous may not necessarily be the best. And a few that may not be very well known or generally popular could be the best ethically,  by way of commitment towards service,  dedication towards education,   sincere towards their job and compassionate towards passionate investors and prompt in delivering or discharging results.

To my opinion,  though not very popular Brain Discovery Global School Franchise team is headed by Educationists , Doctors and Passionate Young Entrepreneurs who wish to bring about a revolution in the education…

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  • Sivanthi CBSE School
    April 30, 2021 at 12:45 pm

    Thanks admin for the post, Its really a nice post and Looking for more blogs like this. Please stay updated..!

  • SSVM Institutions
    August 06, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    Thank you for your informative article. It was really helpful for me to choose the best . Keep me updated!


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