Best Pre School for Your Child

November 10, 2019

One day, a very young mother walked into my office and said, “Ma’am, I am here for my 14 months son’s admission. You convince me, why I should admit my child to your school?”

The question did not annoy me but I thought to myself about the perspective of parents. Every parent perhaps goes through the same phase. “Madam, I am an educationist and not a salesgirl so if you have questions, I think I can solve your queries”, I replied. “Means, what type of preschool is best for my child? What facilities are there? What to look for in a preschool? What about smart classes? How will you teach my child? How much time will you take to settle him?”, on and on and on she went. I really admire her curious mind, she was very enthusiastic and full of excitement just as any curious mom would be.
“Every child is a unique individual with its own timing of growth. We must respect and respond to each child’s learning preference. Your child is a human being and me, therefore, cannot apply any formula upon him to ensure that he settles fast. Moreover, we as facilitators provide an environment in order to nurture a child’s inherent curiosity. You must remember that your children are smarter than you think them to be. They understand before they learn to speak. They add before they learn to count. A child can learn as many languages as you allow him/her to hear regularly. Circle Time activities play a very important role in a child’s physical, mental and social development. Children while waiting for their turn learn to be patient. While seeing others performing an activity develops the intellect. While performing the activities strengthens the muscles, improves pincer grip, develops hand-eye coordination, develops concentration. Every activity involves certain risk therefore, it must be done under the guidance of experts with all precautions.

“My smart class is open lush green space under the sky with tall trees, climbers touching the building top, fenced by bushes and flowering plants, birds chirping in their nests and butterflies hovering on our heads.
Well ventilated, airy and spacious classrooms with natural sunlight and natural air are what I offer to children. Freedom to choose their learning style, their learning posture and space is what makes them more confident and smart.
No school can replace a mother’s lap but once he/she gets that affection and love from school fraternity certainly inculcate liking within for the school.


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