Best Play School in South Delhi

October 03, 2019

Most Innovative Preschool in Delhi

Delhi, the National capital territory has some of the best schools in India with extensive facilities and innovative teaching methods. Read more about the best play school in South Delhi Saket.

The southern part of Delhi known as South Delhi one of the eleven districts is the most crowded educational junction. South Delhi boasts of not only its heritage but also popular educational institutions with beautiful infrastructure and facilities. It has approximately 118 private unaided recognized schools.

Every school is good for some of the other reasons, but what makes Brain Discovery Global School exceptional is it is innovative and brain developing curriculum. Every individual born comes with 100 billion neurons also known as brain cells. To understand it simply 100 billion is as many as stars in a milky way.

If any day, you decide to count nonstop until one billion, do you know how many days or months you need? If you count one in one second, to count one billion, you need one billion seconds which means approximately 32 years.

One tiny cell in an embryo grows into a fully developed brain with 100 billion cells. And amazingly a toddler’s brain has twice as many neural connections as an adult. The rule of brain wiring is ‘use it or lose it’. to understand it in a lay man’s language; It is just like any edible item which expires after a certain period of time if not used before the stipulated period. All these actions take place inside the brain, therefore, it is not possible for an ordinary person to understand what goes within.

What matters to any parent is his child’s happiness. And, this is exactly around which the entire theory of Pre-school revolves. Whether it is the top playschool or the best play school in South Delhi or the best primary schools in South Delhi or the school with the highest fee structure or school with the most modern infrastructure, schools focus on keeping the children happy. Plants have their roots under the soil which remain invisible but are the main source of growth. Healthier you feed better is the growth of the plant.

The same goes for a child’s brain. The development of the brain is invisible. From the start, children want to explore their world. They are eager to move their bodies. They practice skills that let them touch and hold objects that interest them. The curriculum of Brain Discovery allows infants to jump, run, roll.


Rather than trying to stop babies from mouthing objects, it is more realistic to disinfect the equipment on a daily basis. There is enough space and time for vigorous, noisy physical play. Each child is a unique individual with different interests and aptitudes; Therefore, our curriculum avoids comparing the development of any peer or even siblings.

Children master motor skills at different stages or ages. Brain Discovery does not pressurize or demand children to excel at every physical task rather encourages youngsters to become more skillful. Our curriculum focuses on discovering the latent potential, developing patience, confidence, courtesy, compassion, and trading them towards Pathway to Wisdom.

You get to know about the difficulties faced by your child only when he faces problems understanding certain concepts.

Questions like why is my child not good in physics or maths?

Why my kid avoids writing?

Why my child is not able to concentrate?

Why does my child forget concepts taught or learned a day before?

Which is the best play school near me?

If there is a single question in front of you, then you need to understand your child. Every child is born with a unique trait, you just need to identify that trait by his/her interest and behavior. If you are not able to find out, then you are welcome to our school.

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