9 benefits of Starting a Play School Franchise in Delhi

November 03, 2019

Playschool franchise is not just a lucrative business model, it is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to bring about a change in the quality of your life as well as those connected with you through the Play School such as parents of the children, teachers, support staff, etc. In this blog, we are going to discuss 9 benefits of starting a Play School Franchise in Delhi.

The playschool franchise is growing by leaps and bounds. Almost 50% of all Franchisee in India is from the education sector. Considering the Indian business trend today, the Playschool franchise is the most profitable and faster-earning model. With 1 Playschool franchise model started in 1990, today there are more than two dozen standard franchise models available in India. Had it not been a profitable model, the number of franchisees would not have increased to such a big number.

No one wishes to lead a strenuous, binding and monotonous 9-6 job life. At the same time, not everyone possesses leadership traits. It is only a leader who becomes an entrepreneur. When you become a Play School Franchise owner, you reap benefits in huge quantum. The playschool franchise benefits are as follows:

  1. Affordable Investment with High returns: Any franchise model be it a garment, beauty or F & B with high returns as compared to playschool franchise requires a minimum investment of approximately 20-30 lakhs INR whereas a standard Playschool franchise starts with a minimum investment of 10-12 lakhs.

You receive the Return on Investment within a period of 12 to 18 months from a reasonable Franchise model, unlike the expensive models. No other franchise model pays you back with such high returns.

  1. Faster profit-generating model: Playschool franchise has an average investment of 12-15 lakhs INR for any standard franchise model. Playschool franchise not only becomes self-reliant within the shortest time span but also generates revenue over the expenses. Various expenses like rent, salary, bills, facilities, etc create expenses whereas admission and tuition fees generate revenue for the school.
  2. End to end support: The best Playschool Franchise model is one that holds your hands from start till end. Starting from property finalization, recruitment & training, promotion & advertising to generating admissions for the Franchise so that the franchise becomes not only self-sufficient but also makes a profit is the best Playschool Franchise, model.
  3. Optimum monetization of resources available in Play School: Playschools are normally functional for 3 to 4 hours in a day. In order to make the optimum use of the space and human resources available, a number of after school activities such as dance, music, martial arts, painting, tuitions, leadership courses can be conducted which not only help you to utilize the infrastructure rationally but also generate huge revenue.
  4. Flexible Working Schedule: As a Playschool franchise owner, you are no longer a part of the cat race. You are not bound to follow the 9 to 6 monotonous job schedule. Therefore, the quality of your life improves. You lead a stress-free, happy and positive life. It definitely does not mean becoming lazy and sleeping for longer hours but you are not reprimanded for reaching the office at a different time. “You lead a peaceful life and not in pieces”.
  5. Qualitative family life and not quantitative: “A family that eats together lives together” rightly goes the famous saying for a Play School Franchise owner. You get ample time to be with your spouse and children. You can plan trips, outings, and vacations with your family since most of the schools follow the same holiday schedule be it Playschool or formal schools. Children also get to spend quality time with their parents.
  6. Social status gets elevated: Playschool franchise is not just a means to earn money, it is a platform that elevates your social repute. You get an opportunity to translate some of the strong social messages through this strong forum. The parents of first-time school-goers are excited, therefore they listen to you and follow your guidelines with a sincere approach. You not only remain a play school franchise owner but become a motivator for the society. People respect you.
  7. The journey from Employee to Employer: As a Play School franchise owner, you create employment for others. A single Playschool creates jobs for 12-15 people. Through employment, you not only provide financial assistance to a few but also touch their lives by supporting their families. You are able to create a stress-free, happy and safe environment for the team working with you.
  8. The high degree of satisfaction: A binding and strenuous job may support you financially but causes stress. And stress in return causes a number of fatal diseases. Job satisfaction comes only from a stress-free and happy working environment. When you perform a task that excites you, it gives you satisfaction and doesn’t tire you for long hours. You feel energetic and lively. Playschool franchise not only strengthens you financially but also keeps you contented and elated from within. When you are happy, you transfer that happiness to the team working with you and your family.


Anyone who possesses leadership traits has the aptitude as well as a lurking desire to contribute towards the society and nation as a whole, has fire in the belly to earn name, fame, and money must go for Playschool franchise. If you are still searching for the best play school franchise in Delhi then you are in the right place. Brain Discovery Global School will assist you in starting your own play school business with the most lucrative franchise business opportunity which offers huge ROI.

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