Why Kids should eat more Fruit?

October 08, 2019

Benefits of eating fruits for children: True but alarming story of a 16 years old girl

Yesterday, while returning back home, I stopped my car near a fruit seller to buy fruits. I am fond of eating fruits. I sometimes compensate for my Dinner with fruits. Read more about eating fruits and vegetable benefits for children.

While buying fruits, my shoulder brushed by chance with a lady who was holding the right hand of a teenaged girl approximately sixteen. She had beautiful, glittering eyes and a fair complexion.

The girl had a mask on her face which is quite a normal thing in Delhi these days due to pollution. She had shaven head which she had covered with a white cap and also her eyebrows very faintly visible. Her hand seemed to lack flexibility, a tourniquet (tight band) used during injecting could be seen on her hand.

I could not stop myself from asking the girl’s mother regarding her condition.  I was extremely shocked to hear the disease the girl was going through and the condition was the aftereffect of the treatment. She had lost her thick, long hair and most precious thing on a girl’s face that is eyebrows.

She was undergoing the treatment of a disease labeled as the most dreadful disease; CANCER

Surprisingly, there is no disease called Cancer. It is nothing but deficiency of Vitamin B17 which is found in abundance in wheat sprouts or wheatgrass, fruit stone or seeds of fruits having the highest amount of Vitamin B17 in nature, Common beans, grains, Indian almonds, almost all mulberries such as raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry, seeds like sesame and linen or flax seeds, groats of oats, barley, brown rice, and pumpkin.

We generally tend to ignore eating fruits in normal conditions but after going through unbearable pain and expensive treatment bills, we start eating fruits when recommended by doctors. But you can avoid the attack of this dreadful disease provided you start the precautions for this deficiency disease termed as CANCER.

I empathized with the girl’s condition and her parents but wished had I met her some years ago would have advised her to give a fruit diet to her daughter.

Children do not know the difference between good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, it is for us to certainly know and implement. The parents do not neglect the importance of fruits and vegetables for children. There should be a balanced diet for children like how many vegetables and fruits should a child eat in a day.


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