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The Absorbent Mind which soaks in all the information received effortlessly and forms the impressions.


We empower our learners to identify their strengths, guide them the path to overcome their shortcomings , actualize their potential and help them become architect of their own destiny.


Multiple Intelligence and the Family

Much of the MI’s success is related to the parents’ understanding of the concept that every child is gifted differently with immense potential.

e.g. Your child is extremely talented in music but may get a ‘C’ grade in Math .It does not mean that his talent is worthless. Instead we could focus on ways of incorporating the child’s musical intelligence in learning algebra.


We firmly believe that each individual thinks and approaches problems differently depending on his dominant intelligences.

The Eight type of Learners or Intelligences:

  • Logical- Mathematical Learners
  • Linguistic Learners
  • Visual- Spatial Learners
  • Bodily-Kinaesthetic learners
  • Musical Learners
  • Interpersonal Learners
  • Intrapersonal Learners
  • Naturalistic Learners
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