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Ms. Vandana Bhatt is a homemaker. She has a passion for educating the tiny tots. She wishes to provide meaningful education and train the young minds. She believes that preschool education lays a firm foundation towards the holistic development in a child’s life.


To provide a stimulating learning environment in order to allow the learner to bloom to its fullest potential. We as Gardeners help to discover the “Dominant Intelligence”, enhance it and present the Individual to the World with a new Identity. We wish to instill a love for learning in our students. They must not only acquire knowledge but learn through experiencing it. We intend to them wise and not knowledgeable stuffed with all the information.

The Motto – Pathway to Wisdom

Our motto is a constant reminder that the pathway to a successful life can be tread through Wisdom. Ignorance is the root cause of all problems. Experiential Learning is inevitable to gain that wisdom.


Multi-age Class

The multi-age community interaction is intrinsic to Brain Discovery. The BDGS classroom has different age groups within the same class, allowing children to learn from each other. The multi-age grouping in each class provides a family-like setting where learning can take place naturally.

Real Life Competences

The activities are all about family work (called “Practical Life”). By contributing to family activities the child gains self-respect, confidence and the feeling it is needed.

Learning Environment

There is only 1 set of each material; if another child wants to do the same activity it will have to wait. This teaches patience.


Individual working space is provided through the use of personal mats, with individual and group desks available. Children are free to work anywhere in the room on any activity they choose.

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