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Brain Discovery Global School, Chidderwala situated at Dehradun – Haridwar Highway (NH-72), in a lush green pollution free environment sprawling in 4 acres campus and operated by Madan Singh Raipal Singh Bist Memorial Trust, commenced its operations in the year 2017. The school aims at imparting HOLISTIC education to the students of Uttarakhand and its adjoining areas.
BDGS is an English medium co-educational, proposed Senior Secondary School to be affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education.
Equipped with the latest technologies and better educational facilities, the school provides a stimulating environment where children enjoy learning and are encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities. The school has been integrated with a unique education system that primarily focuses on the overall development of each child’s personality and thus enables them to develop a strong and confident self-esteem. The school aims to provide equal learning opportunities to children coming from all the sections of the society.
The academic building is an impressive structure designed by a well-known group of architects. The residential area for Principal and staff is set amidst greenery with their own recreational area.

PVC’s Message

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
Martin Luther King, Jr. We believe in cultivating intelligence and talent. Rather than being fixed and finite, intelligence and talent will expand and grow, given the right encouragement. So we aim to keep students’ dreams and aspirations alive. We spare no efforts to make the educational experience of our students meaningful and relevant to the socio-economic needs of the times & to equip our youth to face the challenges of the future for leading the society from the front, while ensuring that at the same time they are enjoying their experience of learning.
Education should aim at the liberation of one’s inner powers of the mind and the body. To achieve this end, education has to be integral; it should encompass the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual planes. Teachers are the social entities of the society because they groom the society with their immense potential of imparting knowledge and education.

The contemporary generation is privileged to have technology and new teaching methods and it’s our responsibility to extract the essence of it. We inculcate students in various activities so that their thought process is independent to the apprehensions and they develop sensitivity within themselves.
As you go through the pages of the website, you will get to know our endeavours to preserve and enlighten the spark and natural inquisitiveness that every child is born with and our efforts to raise a state-of-the-art institution committed to provide truly world class education in India, parents who entrust their wards in our hands should know that Brain Discovery Global School, Chidderwala Dehradun is not just an academic institution but a cult covenant that becomes a hallmark in the scholar’s life.
“We invite you to join us and share the learning experience with us.”
( Pro Vice Chairman )

BDGS Students

At BDGS, we believe that every child is born intelligent and possesses unique abilities. We as facilitators make an effort to nurture that uniqueness – through a stimulating environment. We encourage curiosity, provide ample freedom and encouragement to pursue passion and a plethora of opportunities leads to acquisition of skills and capacities to fulfill that dream and also to flourish in this constantly emerging interconnected world.
The child is at the centre of all that we do and we keep revisiting the needs of this child in tune with what is demanded from him/her. We aim at the attributes that this child should possess, and the practices and pedagogical tools provide us with the behaviours, actions, measures and structures that is a translation of intentions.

Curriculum Foundations:

The Curriculum aims at actualisation the potential of each Individual.

  • Makes life joyful and worth living
  • Enables us to become good human beings
  • Guides us to live in coherence with nature
  • Equips us with the ability to take high quality decisions

Features of the Curriculum

  • It is dynamic
  • It evolves continuously
  • Curriculum is not a syllabus
  • It is the process of being in the learning mode
  • Teachers, students and school leaders are closely involved in the creation and implementation of the curriculum

Curriculum Priorities

Development of good human beings

  • Value inculcation
  • Outreach to the community
  • Sensitivity to the environment, to others
  • Developing a positive attitude

Joyful and enriching learning environment

  • A rich, aesthetic and vibrant environment powered by the children
  • Close integration of visual arts, performing arts and physical education

Enabling the students for Real life competences

  • Life and work skills
  • Dealing with success, challenges and failure
  • Compassionate communication
  • New media skills
  • Problem solving and critial thinking

Above all, Academic Excellence

  • We aim at Scholastic rigour
  • Integrated & multi-disciplinary learning
  • Leading edge learning technologies

BDGS Teachers

Workshops and professional development are a regular affair in areas such as integration of IT, accommodating counselling and special needs and in the experiential learning model itself. Teachers are also no longer the ‘sage’ but equal participants on stage alongside the students.


At BDGs, art thrives in its visual and performing forms, encompassing a diverse range of activities and modes of expression. We believe in providing students with an art education that gives them an opportunity to understand their legacy and combine it with a vision of the future. In addition to helping students nurture a passion for specific arts and crafts, we inculcate aesthetic appreciation and creativity within them resulting in a refinement of the senses and a desire to conserve one’s heritage and environment. More importantly, the Arts curriculum is designed so as to integrate with other subjects in addition to the development of artistic skills and life skills (such as empathy, problem solving, decision making, etc.).


Brain Discovery Global School Dehradun promises some of the best school facilities in the country:

The weather-controlled and aesthetically laid out classrooms are well supported by audio-visual aids and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to ensure a vibrant and dynamic environment for the teaching-learning process. The learning process does not remain restricted only to the classrooms; it is further synergised through ‘Outreach to the Community’, ‘Collaborative Learning’, ‘Nature-connect’ and by ‘hands-on’ experience gained in the well-equipped laboratories,

Subject labs with the latest equipment for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computers.
A well- equipped library featuring 4+1 dailies, approx. 5000 reference books, 8 magazines and books in other categories such as psychology, non-fiction, etc.
Resource for teacher reference and student reading programmes.
With bright and modern classrooms featuring comfortable seats and interactive white boards

Contact Us

For information related to the school and admission,
reference may be made on the following:

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B-178, Ground Floor, Ashok Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P


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